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Justin Picker


Meet Justin Picker, the Founder and Director of Picker Financial Solutions, an industry-leading mortgage broker dedicated to empowering Australians to build wealth through successful property ventures. With over 10 years of extensive property investment lending experience, Justin is not only a seasoned professional but also an active property investor, with a portfolio spanning over 20 investments.

Justin's unique perspective as both a mortgage broker and an investor provide clients with a rare blend of professional expertise and practical insights. His wealth of knowledge acquired both professionally and through personal endeavours, positions him as a trusted guide in the complex area of property finance.

Driven by a specific purpose, Justin is committed to ensuring that all clients under the care of Picker Financial Solutions have the optimal structures and lending products in place suitable to their goals. His vision extends beyond transactional success to the realisation of clients' financial goals and dreams.

Justin’s leadership reflects a dedication to excellence, innovation, and a genuine passion for helping individuals and families achieve financial prosperity through strategic property investment.

Steve Clark

Mortgage Broker

Meet Steven Clark, the leading Mortgage Broker at Picker Financial Solutions, who shares a common vision with the company's founder, Justin Picker, in empowering Australians to successfully build wealth through strategic property investments. Steven brings a wealth of experience to the table, boasting over 5 years in the lending industry.

Not only is Steven a seasoned mortgage broker, but he is also an active property investor with an impressive portfolio of 9 properties within just a three-year period. This dual role allows Steven to offer clients a unique blend of professional expertise and firsthand insights into the dynamic landscape of property finance and investment.

With a shared commitment to helping clients achieve financial success through property, Steven Clark aligns with Picker Financial Solutions' ethos. His hands-on experience in building a substantial property portfolio, coupled with his lending proficiency, positions him as a reliable guide for those navigating the complexities of property investment.

Steven's dedication extends beyond conventional mortgage brokering; he is driven by a passion to see clients flourish in their wealth-building journey. His role at Picker Financial Solutions reflects a commitment to excellence and a genuine desire to contribute to the financial prosperity of individuals and families across Australia.

Min Park

Senior Credit Analyst

Meet Min Park, a dedicated Senior Credit Advisor at Picker Financial Solutions, where her commitment to excellence and attention to detail set her apart in the financial industry. With years of experience, Min has become a trusted expert in guiding clients through the intricacies of credit management and the changing lending space.

Min's dedication to her clients is evident in her meticulous approach to credit advising. She goes above and beyond to understand their unique financial situations, offering tailored solutions that align with their goals. Her keen attention to detail ensures that no aspect of a client's credit profile goes unnoticed, providing them with comprehensive and strategic advice to improve and optimize their credit standing.

One of Min Park's notable strengths is her bilingual proficiency in Korean, which enhances her ability to connect with and assist a diverse range of clients. This linguistic skill not only facilitates effective communication but also underscores Min's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in financial services.

As a Senior Credit Advisor, Min Park embodies professionalism and a client-centric mindset. Her reputation for delivering results and her genuine passion for empowering individuals to achieve financial success make her an invaluable asset to Picker Financial Solutions and a beacon of trust for those navigating the complexities of credit management.

Libby Delohery

Credit Analyst

Meet Libby Delohery serves as an invaluable member of Picker Financial Solutions in her role as a dedicated Client Support and Loan Settlement Manager. Libby's commitment to exceptional service, meticulous attention to detail, and her inherent kindness make her a standout professional in the financial industry.
With a passion for going the extra mile, Libby ensures that each client's experience is seamless in transition and provides unparalleled support. Her role as a Client Support and Loan Settlement Manager requires precision, and Libby's keen eye for detail ensures that every aspect of the loan settlement process is handled with accuracy and efficiency.

Libby's kind and empathetic nature is a hallmark of her approach to clients of Picker Financial Solutions. She understands the significance of major financial decisions and strives to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for her clients. Libby's ability to foster a positive and trusting relationship with clients is a testament to her dedication to providing not just financial solutions but a supportive and personalised experience.

In the dynamic world of finance, Libby stands out as a person of reliability and warmth, embodying the values of Picker Financial Solutions. Her commitment to excellence and genuine care for clients make her an indispensable asset to the team and our client base.

Jerome Canlas

Client Support Officer

Meet Jerome Canlas is a dynamic and enthusiastic credit analyst, bringing a wealth of expertise to the financial industry. Jerome has established himself as a trusted professional with a passion for helping individuals and families achieve their dreams of building wealth through property.

With a keen understanding of the ever-evolving mortgage landscape, Jerome Canlas is committed to providing personalized and comprehensive financial solutions for his clients. His dedication to staying informed about market trends, interest rates, and lending options allows him to guide clients through the intricacies of the mortgage process, ensuring they make informed decisions that align with their unique financial goals.

Jerome's client-centric approach is characterized by open communication, transparency, and a genuine commitment to client satisfaction. He takes pride in demystifying the mortgage process, making it accessible and empowering for his clients. Whether they are first-time homebuyers or experienced investors, Jerome's clients appreciate his hands-on approach and the sense of confidence he instils throughout the mortgage journey.

Jerome Canlas is not just a credit analyst; he is a dedicated advocate for financial well-being. His passion for helping individuals secure their dream homes is matched by his commitment to building lasting relationships based on trust and integrity in the financial realm.

Akshita Boyal

Loan Support Officer

Meet Akshita Boyal, the diligent Loan Processor at Picker Financial Solutions, whose meticulous approach and exceptional efficiency play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless processing and high approval rates of applications. With a keen attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Akshita stands out as an invaluable member of the team.
As the Loan Processor, Akshita navigates the intricate process of loan applications with precision. Her acute attention to detail ensures that all necessary documentation is in order, meeting the stringent requirements of financial institutions. This dedication not only expedites the application process but also contributes to a notably high conversion rate.

Akshita Boyal's efficiency is a representation of her professionalism. Recognizing the time-sensitivity of financial transactions, she ensures that applications are not only processed promptly but also adhere to the highest standards of accuracy. Her ability to maintain a delicate balance between speed and precision is a testament to her proficiency in handling the intricacies of loan processing.

As an integral part of Picker Financial Solutions, Akshita's role significantly contributes to the company's reputation for delivering results with excellence. Her commitment to streamlining processes and facilitating successful outcomes underscores her importance in the team and the company's commitment to client satisfaction.

Utkarsh Kaushik

Credit Officer

Meet Utkarsh Kaushik, the enthusiastic and highly experienced Credit Analyst at Picker Financial Solutions, whose dedication and expertise make him a valuable asset to the team. Utkarsh brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role, having previously served as a Senior Credit Officer at NAB, one of Australia's leading financial institutions.

With a background in credit analysis and a keen understanding of financial intricacies, Utkarsh plays a crucial role in ensuring the soundness of financial decisions at Picker Financial Solutions. His experience at NAB has equipped him with a deep understanding of credit evaluation, risk assessment, and lending practices, making him a trusted professional in the field.

Utkarsh's enthusiasm for his role is reflected in his commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and continuously expanding his skill set. His analytical prowess allows him to provide clients with insightful and strategic advice, tailored to their unique financial circumstances.

As an integral part of the Picker Financial Solutions team, Utkarsh Kaushik's dedication to excellence and his extensive experience in credit analysis contribute significantly to the company's mission of delivering top-notch financial solutions to clients across Australia.

Surbhi Shrivastav

Credit Analyst

Meet Surbhi Shrivastav, the accomplished Credit Analyst at Picker Financial Solutions, whose wealth of knowledge and experience make her an invaluable asset to the team. With a proven track record, Surbhi has previously served as a Credit Officer at NAB, one of Australia's premier financial institutions.

Bringing a seasoned perspective to credit analysis, Surbhi plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial soundness of decisions made at Picker Financial Solutions. Her background at NAB has endowed her with a deep understanding of credit evaluation, risk assessment, and lending practices, making her a trusted professional in the field.

Surbhi's analytical prowess and attention to detail set her apart, allowing her to provide clients with insightful and strategic advice tailored to their unique financial circumstances. Her commitment to staying current with industry trends showcases a dedication to continuous learning and professional growth.

As a Credit Analyst at Picker Financial Solutions, Surbhi Shrivastav contributes to the company's mission of delivering top-notch financial solutions. Her role is vital in maintaining the high standards of financial analysis that clients have come to expect from the reputable financial services offered by Picker Financial Solutions.

Leo Villamor

Existing Client Manager

Meet Leo Villamor, the adept Loan Repricing Manager at Picker Financial Solutions, bringing a wealth of expertise and strategic acumen to the team. With a seasoned background in financial management, Leo plays a pivotal role in optimising loan terms and interest rate for clients, ensuring they receive the most favourable conditions in an ever changing lending market.

As the Loan Repricing Manager, Leo demonstrates a keen understanding of market trends, interest rates, and financial instruments. His role involves assessing and adjusting existing loan agreements to align with current economic conditions, ultimately benefiting clients with more advantageous terms.

Leo's proficiency extends beyond financial analysis; he excels in effective communication and negotiation, ensuring a seamless process for clients seeking repricing services. His dedication to providing tailored solutions underscores his commitment to meeting clients' evolving financial needs.

With a focus on client satisfaction and financial well-being, Leo Villamor's role is integral to Picker Financial Solutions' mission of delivering optimal financial solutions. His strategic repricing initiatives contribute to the company's reputation for proactive and client-centered financial management, fostering trust and confidence in the services provided.


conor davison

Justin Picker and his team are 10/10 from honesty, work ethic and results. couldnt be happier


Gary mills

Justin and the team were amazing on every aspect of the journey and we're always they to answer questions help in every way..


Haps Poulos

I will only use Justin going forward. If you look up the word legends in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Justin and his team!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much can you afford?

The first thing we will do is work out your borrowing potential. You may have a dream home in mind but first you need to know if you can afford it. There are many factors that will influence your decision around what to buy and where – proximity to work and family and your stage of life are just a few – but the single biggest decider is nearly always what you can afford. It’s really a case of looking at the big picture and working your way back from there. Consider your household income and what you realistically can afford in loan repayments, taking into account all of your expenses (even coffees and lunches). As a guide a mortgage calculator can be a great place to start, but it won’t take into account all of your personal circumstances or eligibility for a loan. Talking to us will give you a much more accurate idea of what you can afford. We can look to obtain pre approval from a lender so you can put an offer on a home when you find the one you like. Of course, even with a pre approval a subject to finance clause is an important protection.

Why not go straight to a bank?

Of course you can go to a bank, but this can be trickier than it sounds. Firstly, which one do you choose? Which of their products is right for you? And what about other lenders, building societies and credit unions? Australia is indeed the lucky country. We are blessed for choice when it comes to the amount of competition that exists when it comes to the mortgage market. With so many lenders, and so many products under each of their brands, it’s important you make the most of this regarding who and what you choose when it comes to your home loan. There are a lot of options out there and, with regularly moving interest rates and new products, it’s an ever-changing market. And let’s not forget that if you’re a first homebuyer, you’re probably very new to this. That’s why a broker makes sense. We do this everyday. We know the lenders, their products and policies and we keep up-to-date with changes. We help choose what’s right for you. Banks enjoy working with brokers, as we do a lot of the banks’ work for them and making their jobs much easier and may help speed up the application process and get you the top-notch customer service you deserve. In the simplest terms, having a broker in your corner makes finding the right loan easier and can save you time and, hopefully, money.

Do you know how well your current loan stacks up?

Things change, and chances are since you got your home loan interest rates may have moved, and life has too. Has the official cash rate changed since your current loan settled? Has the rate your lender is charging you changed? What about the fees and charges? Chances are the market has changed too. New products designed to attract borrowers are always being introduced, and lending appetites are an ever moving feast. Let’s not forget that things have probably changed in your life too since you took out the mortgage. Your income may have changed, and your expenses probably have too - your financial goals could also be different. Even though most loans are around 30 years in length, you may be surprised to hear that Australians often change their home loan every 4-5 years as they refinance. Refinancing is a chance to look at what’s out there and to check to see whether your current loan is still the right one for you. If it’s not, it may be time to refinance. If you are looking to switch, this guide contains some of the key things you may want to consider.

Why do people invest in property?

Over the last few decades, the values of some properties have often risen more than the rate of inflation. Some say property ownership is a national obsession, with affordability issues, house prices, and interest rate movements constantly in the news. Apart from a common general understanding of the market, there are other reasons people like to invest in property. Some common ones being the potential for capital growth (how much the property rises in value over time), return from rent, and tax benefits. You’ll find more about these over the next few pages. Another plus is you don’t need to be a long time investor with lots of funds on hand to start investing. If you already own a home that’s increased in value, you can potentially unlock this equity to help purchase another property. Or, if you’ve yet to buy your own home you can use the rent to help pay the mortgage on an investment property and get a start in the market.